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13 Ways of Looking at Philip Seymour Hoffman

Posted September 18, 2009 to photo album "13 Ways of Looking at Philip Seymour Hoffman"

From Boogie Nights to Pirate Radio, Hoffman’s body of work never loses sight of his body.

Slide 1: Introduction
Slide 2: The Pathetic Loser (Boogie Nights)
Slide 3: The Perv (Happiness)
Slide 4: The Officious Extra (The Big Lebowski)
Slide 5: The Ringmaster (The Talented Mr. Ripley)
Slide 6: The Insider's Outsider (Almost Famous)
Slide 7: The Designated Mourner (Love Liza)
Slide 8: The Sincere Dandy (Capote)
Slide 9: The Banality of Evil (Mission: Impossible III)
Slide 10: The Charming Heavy (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead)
Slide 11: Macho Bastard (Charlie Wilson's War)
Slide 12: The Contender (Doubt)
Slide 13: Pillar of His Own World (Synecdoche, New York)
Slide 14: The Rock 'n' Roller (Pirate Radio)
Slide 3: The Perv (Happiness)

Slide 3: The Perv (Happiness)

In an ensemble cast of detestable characters, Hoffman found a way to stand out as arguably the most repellent. In Todd Solondz’ razor-wire social satire, Hoffman plays Allen, a computer geek so repressed that he derives most of his sexual pleasure from making obscene, abusive phone calls anonymously. As the creepy dude from next door, Hoffman makes you first detest him, and then ultimately empathize with his loneliness. In Slate.com, David Edelstein wrote, “Hoffman, as one of the two fat neighbors, is encased in his flab like a tortured prisoner of war. His doleful low tones and operatic mouth-breathing give even his vilest lines a dopey sweetness.”