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Brooklyn Exhibition Spaces

Posted October 12, 2010 to photo album "Brooklyn Exhibition Spaces"

As part of Movie City Brooklyn, Nick Dawson takes a trip around some of the most interesting places to catch a movie in the New York borough.

Slide 1: Introduction
Slide 2: Brooklyn Independent Cinema Series
Slide 3: indieScreen
Slide 4: reRun Gastropub Theater
Slide 5: Movies with a View
Slide 6: Summer Screen
Slide 7: Rooftop Films
Slide 8: BAMCinematek @ BAM
Slide 3: indieScreen

Slide 3: indieScreen

Brooklyn’s über-hip Williamsburg neighborhood lost its only movie theater when the much-loved old-time movie palace Commodore closed in 2002, however the area got a cinematic shot in the arm in the summer of 2010 with the arrival of indieScreen. “Ever since I moved to Williamsburg, I’ve only seen theaters closing,” Brooklyn International Film Festival  boss Marco Ursino told The Brooklyn Paper. “The last time we screened a film in Williamsburg was in the Commodore Theater, but that was torn down.” However, in June 2010 Ursino brought the festival to indieScreen, a new venue on Kent Avenue next to the old Domino Sugar Factory that he himself owns along with restaurateur Anna Pozzi-Popermhem, the culinary mind behind the Brooklyn eateries Planet Thailand and Thai Café. The venue is intimate – the theater has 93 seats, and the screen is 17 foot by 8 foot – however, it’s not just a movie theater as the restaurant and bar, under Pozzi-Popermhem’s stewardship, offers delicious affordable food from around the world. The films being screened – quality indie and world cinema titles – are tailored to local tastes, while special events (such as HD broadcasts of operas) bring in a broader demographic.