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Photo Gallery: Creating Film Stars in Chicago, America's Third Coast

Posted November 06, 2008 to photo album "Photo Gallery: Creating Film Stars in Chicago, America's Third Coast"

To accompany the article Creating Film Stars in Chicago, America’s Third Coast, FilmInFocus takes a pictorial look at the histories of Steppenwolf Theatre Company and Second City.

Slide 1: Steppenwolf Theater
Slide 2: Sinise and Stoppard
Slide 3: Founder Sinise
Slide 4: Steppenwolf in Hollywood
Slide 5: Malkovich at Steppenwolf
Slide 6: John Malkovich
Slide 7: Malkovich as Hollywood Icon
Slide 8: Joan Allen in Steppenwolf
Slide 9: Joan Allen
Slide 10: Joan Allen's acting success
Slide 11: Marthy Lavey
Slide 12: Second City
Slide 13: John Belushi
Slide 14: Three Comedians on their way to film
Slide 15: Belushi  before SNL
Slide 16: Bill Murray Before SNL
Slide 17: Murray's early improv
Slide 18: Another SNL star
Slide 19: A future Sarah Palin and others
Slide 20: Tina Fey
Slide 21: The Famous Players-Lasky Corporation
Slide 22: The Arch
Slide 23: Another Chicago Institute
Slide 24: Other Chicago film people
Slide 25: Chicago today
Slide 3: Founder Sinise

Slide 3: Founder Sinise

Gary Sinise along with Terry Kinney and Jeff Perry founded Steppenwolf in 1974.