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Brooklyn Exhibition Spaces

Posted October 12, 2010 to photo album "Brooklyn Exhibition Spaces"

As part of Movie City Brooklyn, Nick Dawson takes a trip around some of the most interesting places to catch a movie in the New York borough.

Slide 1: Introduction
Slide 2: Brooklyn Independent Cinema Series
Slide 3: indieScreen
Slide 4: reRun Gastropub Theater
Slide 5: Movies with a View
Slide 6: Summer Screen
Slide 7: Rooftop Films
Slide 8: BAMCinematek @ BAM
Slide 2: Brooklyn Independent Cinema Series

Slide 2: Brooklyn Independent Cinema Series

The Brooklyn Independent Cinema Series, which holds free screenings at the Park Slope performance space Barbés on the first Monday of every month, is an event fueled by a passion for film. Curated by filmmaker Joe Pacheco, it provides indie directors a showcase for their movies and Brooklynites an opportunity to see great work that they otherwise might not be aware of.  Pacheco founded the series in late 2005 after taking his own film As Smart As They Are: The Author Project out on the festival circuit. “I was talking with Olivier Conan, one of the owners of Barbés, about how many great films I've been seeing, and he suggested that I start showing them there,” Pacheco told ShortEnd Magazine. “He had been doing a regular screening series called ‘Traveling Cinema’ which screened classic films on a 16mm projector from prints that he would take out from the library, so we thought that the newer independent films that I wanted to show would be a great complement.” Pacheco has screened the work of acclaimed local filmmakers such as Michael Tully, David Redmon, and It’s Kind of a Funny Story’s Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, while also showing movies by more high-profile directors like Steven Soderbergh and Spike Jonze due to his ties to McSweeney’s Wholphin DVD magazine. Through IndiePix, Pacheco also released the Brooklyn Independent Vol. 1 DVD, which collects together some of the best short films he has screened.