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The ABCs of Babies

Posted May 13, 2010 to photo album "The ABCs of Babies"

Babies may be universal, but the way that society and culture has viewed the little darlings has changed through history.

Slide 1: A is For Awesome
Slide 2: B is for Babies
Slide 3: C is for Confusion
Slide 4: D is for Damned
Slide 5: D is for Discipline
Slide 6: F is for Faith
Slide 7: G is for God
Slide 8: I is for Infanticide
Slide 9: J is for Jail
Slide 10: O is for Organism
Slide 11: E is for Environment
Slide 12: M is for Milk
Slide 13: N is for Nursing
Slide 14: P is for Philosophical
Slide 15: R is for Remarkable
Slide 16: S is for Software
Slide 17: V is for Values
Slide 18: W is for Writer
Slide 2: B is for Babies

Slide 2: B is for Babies

Thomas Balmès’ Babies underscores the ways each of our paths diverge as we interact with the adult world of created culture. Hattie lolling in the family’s San Francisco rooftop hot tub, and Ponijao in a stream in the Namibian bush. The babies couldn’t be more alike, or their parents more different. By juxtaposing these two undeniable realities against each other, Babies shows us what we are. Hattie’s San Francisco parents are filmed in the shower and in the tub. Ponijao’s parents don’t bathe. The desert-dwelling Himba are famous for never washing, even after childbirth. In order to mask body odor, they apply strong-smelling substances to their bodies.