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Not your Bubbe’s Jewish site

Posted October 29, 2009 to photo album "Not your Bubbe’s Jewish site"

Since the advent of Heeb, a wave of new media has popped up for both reverent and irreverent Jewish hipsters.

Slide 1: Introduction
Slide 2: Heeb
Slide 3: Jewlicious
Slide 4: Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture
Slide 5: Guilt and Pleasure
Slide 6: Habitus
Slide 7: Jewcy
Slide 8: Tablet
Slide 2: Heeb

Slide 2: Heeb

In many ways, Heeb spearheaded the new Jewish media movement. The magazine was founded by Jenifer Bleyer in 2002 with a grant from the Joshua Venture Fellowship and was intended to be, as the current publisher Josh Neuman states, “a take-no-prisoners zine for the plugged-in and preached-out.” Its in-your-face tone spoke, according to Neuman, to “those who felt little connection to organized Jewish life, but deep affection for a Jewish cultural perspective.” As such their pieces tend to be lovingly satirical and very hip. Last year they posted “The Ladies of '69: The First Ever Jewish Swimsuit Calendar" only to be followed up with its male version "Das Dreamboats: The Strapping Men of the Rhine.” [Heeb]