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All in the Family: A family slide show album from Away We Go to anything goes

Posted June 12, 2009 to photo album "All in the Family: A family slide show album from Away We Go to anything goes"

Slide 1: The Journey Begins
Slide 2: But what is a family?
Slide 3: First Comes Marriage
Slide 4: Family as an evolving idea
Slide 5: Early Family Values
Slide 6: Family as Contract
Slide 7: Family as units of labor
Slide 8: Tragic Love
Slide 10: Family as an evolving idea
Slide 10: The power of “opposite marriage”
Slide 11: The Nuclear Family in the Atomic Age
Slide 12: Learning to be a Parent
Slide 13: A Parent Superiority
Slide 14: Making the Breast of being a Parent
Slide 15: Not Every Mother
Slide 16: Keeping the promise of marriage
Slide 17: Big(amy) Love
Slide 18: The Rules of the Game
Slide 19: Marriage loses momentum
Slide 20: Eight is Enough
Slide 21: Showing off your Family
Slide 22: Family as Adventure
Slide 23: Going it Alone
Slide 24: Every Family Different in its own way
Slide 25: The Family Triangle
Slide 26: All You Need is...
Slide 25: The Family Triangle

Slide 25: The Family Triangle

The conceptions of what makes up a family are ever evolving. Take the   family of Sam Cagnina, Steven Margolin and Samantha Singh, a   poly-amorous family unit whose life is chronicled in the 2004   documentary Three of Hearts: A Postmodern Family. Anita Gates, Reviewing the movie for the New York Times writes, Anita Gates writes, “The film follows them as they shock people—at Mr. Cagnina's 20-year high school reunion, for instance—and beam a little smugly about their superior form of happiness. People aren't always that horrified, though. Mr. Cagnina's father, who has a prison record, says, ‘It would have been worse news if you'd told me you wanted to be a cop.’ ”