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L.A. from Every Angle

Posted April 01, 2010 to photo album "L.A. from Every Angle"

As Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg shows, there are many different L.A.s inside the city limits. Joel Bleifuss takes us on the tour of how artists imagine Los Angeles.

Slide 1: Greenberg and Baumbach at Musso & Frank
Slide 2: L.A. for Hollywood
Slide 3: L.A. for Native Americans
Slide 4: L.A. for Silent Filmmakers
Slide 5:  L.A. for Californios
Slide 6: L.A. for the Muralists
Slide 7:  L.A. against the Communist Muralists
Slide 8: L.A. for the Muralists Again
Slide 9: L.A. for the Hard-Boiled
Slide 10: L.A. of the Film Noir
Slide 11: L.A. of the Cynics
Slide 12: L.A. of the Desperate
Slide 13: L.A. for the Dreamers
Slide 14: L.A. for the Modernists
Slide 15: L.A. for the Doers
Slide 16: L.A. for the Hustlers
Slide 17: L.A. of the Painters
Slide 18: L.A. of the Logo
Slide 19:  L.A. of the new Artists
Slide 20: L.A. of the Mexican-American Writers
Slide 21: L.A. of the Singer/Songwriters
Slide 22:  L.A. of Lowlifes
Slide 23: L.A. of the Essay Writers
Slide 24: L.A. of Gay Detectives
Slide 25: L.A. for Rock ’n’ Rollers
Slide 26: L.A. of the Privileged
Slide 27: L.A. of the Cholos
Slide 28: L.A. of the Gangstas
Slide 29: L.A. for the children of the rich and famous
Slide 30: L.A. for the children of the rich and famous, Part 2
Slide 1: Greenberg and Baumbach at Musso & Frank

Slide 1: Greenberg and Baumbach at Musso & Frank

Speaking of his latest film, Greenberg, Noah Baumbach told Mark Olsen of the Los Angeles Times, “I don’t know which came first—wanting to set a movie in L.A. or wanting to do a movie about a forty-something guy who can’t get out of his own way.”

Here is forty-something Ben Stiller as Roger Greenberg sitting in the Musso & Frank Grill.

Baumbach’s wife, the actress Jennifer Jason Leigh, is a hometown girl. He attempted to make the movie as realistic as possible by shooting the film in local landmarks, like the Musso & Frank Grill, founded in 1919 and as such the oldest restaurant in Hollywood.
Mark Olsen reports: “[Baumbach] was sitting recently in the Hollywood landmark Musso & Frank Grill for a photo shoot. He used the location in Greenberg, including the actual wait staff and some of the establishment’s regulars, to add to the lived-in authenticity of the film. The restaurant was closed, and the strange stillness of the place seems in tune with the Los Angeles of Greenberg, a mix of the eerily disturbing and comfortingly homey.”