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Great Babies of History

Posted April 09, 2010 to photo album "Great Babies of History"

With Babies in theaters, we take look back on some of the most memorable babies of all time.

Slide 1: Introduction - Great Babies of History
Slide 2: The Child of God - The Baby Jesus
Slide 3: The Children of Empire - Romulus and Remus
Slide 4: Child of Hope - Keith Haring's Radiant Baby
Slide 5: Child of Commerce - The Gerber Baby
Slide 6: Child of Legend - Hercules
Slide 7: Child of Fantasy - Mowgli
Slide 8: Child of Power - Bronzino’s Portrait of Giovanni de' Medici
Slide 9: Child of Racism - Tar baby
Slide 10: Child of Cinema - The baby in Rescued from an Eagle Nest
Slide 11: Child of Capitalism - Baby Herman
Slide 12: Child of Comics - Swee'Pea
Slide 13: Child of Crime - The Lindbergh baby
Slide 14: Child of Horror - The It's Alive baby
Slide 15: Child of Persistence - Baby Huey
Slide 16: Children of Television - Rugrats
Slide 17: Child of the Coen brothers - Junior from Raising Arizona
Slide 18: Child of Satan - Rosemary's Baby
Slide 17: Child of the Coen brothers - Junior from Raising Arizona

Slide 17: Child of the Coen brothers - Junior from Raising Arizona

After creating a splash with their ultra low-budget thriller Blood Simple, the Coen brothers turned their attention to screwball comedy with Raising Arizona, a mixed-up saga of a couple (Holly Hunter and Nicolas Cage) so desperate to have a baby that they kidnap someone else’s. Not only had the filmmaking duo switched genre, but they took on one of filmmakers big taboos––working with babies. At an open casting call in Scottsdale, AZ, over 400 babies were seen. Many walked when they needed to crawl; some cried when Mommy left; some threw little fits. Only 8-month T.J. Kuhn stood out as the baby with the right stuff. But picking the right baby didn’t make it any easier, as Joel Coen later explained: “A baby is somewhere between an actor and a prop…You can’t talk to it and tell it what you want to do. And you can’t just put it someplace in a shot and reliably predict it will stay there.”