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Sin Nombre's Terrifying Political Reality

Posted March 27, 2009 to photo album "Sin Nombre's Terrifying Political Reality"

Slide 1: The world of Sin Nombre
Slide 2: The State of Mexico
Slide 3: Between the USA and Central America
Slide 4: The Border Issue
Slide 5: "A very big monster"
Slide 6: Fighting Back
Slide 7: No Place to Go
Slide 8: The Fate of the Poor
Slide 9: A History of Poverty
Slide 10: A History of Violence
Slide 11: Honduras and Others
Slide 12: Gang Violence
Slide 13: More Gang Violence
Slide 14: A Cycle of Violence
Slide 15: Empty Mexican Towns
Slide 16: What Their Eyes Have Seen
Slide 16: What Their Eyes Have Seen

Slide 16: What Their Eyes Have Seen

Soldiers Searching Bus Passengers, Northern Highway, El Salvador 1980 by Susan Meiselas (National Galleries of Scotland).

In her series, "Border Crossings," photographer Susan Meiselas exposed the desperate, secret attempts to escape into the United States away from the violence that was plaguing Central America.

"For those undocumented workers who have crossed successfully, we Americans rarely ask who they are or why they have left their homelands," said Meiselas. "We pass their silent faces on the streets, in stores, even within our homes. We see their eyes, but we don't know what their eyes have seen."