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Alix Lambert's Berlin

Posted February 22, 2010 to photo album "Alix Lambert's Berlin"

Artist & writer Alix Lambert captured Greenberg’s red carpet premiere from a different angle.

Slide 1: A Woman Waits
Slide 2: German Bodega
Slide 3: Ticket Counter
Slide 4: Greenberg
Slide 5: The Bear
Slide 6: Kid Poker
Slide 7: Greta
Slide 8: Stiller
Slide 9: Fan
Slide 10: Video Up
Slide 11: Superman
Slide 12: Valentine's Day
Slide 13: Signage
Slide 14: Marlene
Slide 15: Debris
Slide 16: Alix Lambert
Slide 16: Alix Lambert

Slide 16: Alix Lambert

Alix Lambert is an artist, filmmaker, writer and photographer whose credits include the feature documentary The Mark of Cain, episodes of HBO’s Deadwood, and the recent anthology of interviews and writings about the criminal world, Crime. We interviewed her at FilmInFocus about Russian prison tattoos around the time of David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises. When she traveled to Berlin during the Berlin Film Festival, we asked her to train her eye on what was happening below, above, and around the edges of the event. Her work can be found at www.pinkghettoproductions.com.