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Sin Nombre's Terrifying Political Reality

Posted March 27, 2009 to photo album "Sin Nombre's Terrifying Political Reality"

Slide 1: The world of Sin Nombre
Slide 2: The State of Mexico
Slide 3: Between the USA and Central America
Slide 4: The Border Issue
Slide 5: "A very big monster"
Slide 6: Fighting Back
Slide 7: No Place to Go
Slide 8: The Fate of the Poor
Slide 9: A History of Poverty
Slide 10: A History of Violence
Slide 11: Honduras and Others
Slide 12: Gang Violence
Slide 13: More Gang Violence
Slide 14: A Cycle of Violence
Slide 15: Empty Mexican Towns
Slide 16: What Their Eyes Have Seen
Slide 14: A Cycle of Violence

Slide 14: A Cycle of Violence

Isabel Muñoz took the photos in a Salvadoran prison. Photos courtesy of Centro Cultural del México Contemporáneo

Speaking on the NPR show "Talk of the Nation," a caller, who had recently lived in El Salvador for seven years, said:

"During that time, I visited prisons, and I was surprised to see that most of the people in prisons spoke perfect English and they had been deported [from the U.S.] because of gang activity. … This is a cycle of violence perpetuated by war that we don't often think about living in the United States where we're so far removed from war, but by the end of the civil war in El Salvador, half [of] the population was under 18 years old. … And there were a lot of kids living on the streets. … So there's mass immigration to the United States, where … kids aren't assimilated. [A] lot of these kids grew up seeing nothing but violence as a way to resolve problems [and] dead bodies in the streets and terrible, terrible things. And so what is the way that they see to come together and solve problems?"