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Alix Lambert's Berlin

Posted February 22, 2010 to photo album "Alix Lambert's Berlin"

Artist & writer Alix Lambert captured Greenberg’s red carpet premiere from a different angle.

Slide 1: A Woman Waits
Slide 2: German Bodega
Slide 3: Ticket Counter
Slide 4: Greenberg
Slide 5: The Bear
Slide 6: Kid Poker
Slide 7: Greta
Slide 8: Stiller
Slide 9: Fan
Slide 10: Video Up
Slide 11: Superman
Slide 12: Valentine's Day
Slide 13: Signage
Slide 14: Marlene
Slide 15: Debris
Slide 16: Alix Lambert
Slide 12: Valentine's Day

Slide 12: Valentine's Day

Let us not forget St. Valentine's Day was the day of Greenberg’s premiere. If these were scattered to please the passerby, that's a beautiful thing, but the cynic in me believes that they are, rather, an offering refused.