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13 Ways of Looking at Philip Seymour Hoffman

Posted September 18, 2009 to photo album "13 Ways of Looking at Philip Seymour Hoffman"

From Boogie Nights to Pirate Radio, Hoffman’s body of work never loses sight of his body.

Slide 1: Introduction
Slide 2: The Pathetic Loser (Boogie Nights)
Slide 3: The Perv (Happiness)
Slide 4: The Officious Extra (The Big Lebowski)
Slide 5: The Ringmaster (The Talented Mr. Ripley)
Slide 6: The Insider's Outsider (Almost Famous)
Slide 7: The Designated Mourner (Love Liza)
Slide 8: The Sincere Dandy (Capote)
Slide 9: The Banality of Evil (Mission: Impossible III)
Slide 10: The Charming Heavy (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead)
Slide 11: Macho Bastard (Charlie Wilson's War)
Slide 12: The Contender (Doubt)
Slide 13: Pillar of His Own World (Synecdoche, New York)
Slide 14: The Rock 'n' Roller (Pirate Radio)
Slide 12: The Contender (Doubt)

Slide 12: The Contender (Doubt)

In John Patrick Shanley’s faith-driven drama Doubt, Philip Seymour Hoffman is a popular priest who is forced to match theological wits with controlling nun Meryl Streep. While the drama reflects the complexity of faith and certainty, the real spectacle is the duel between two of cinema’s greatest character actors. In one corner, the slender chameleon Streep, whose gifts of imitation enable her to switch identity at a moment’s notice. In the other corner, Hoffman, the solid hulk whose weight and depth bring new dimension to every role. In USA Today, Claudia Puig wrote, “Philip Seymour Hoffman is every bit her equal in his spectacular portrayal of the genial accused priest, Father Flynn…. There may not be two better actors working today: To watch Hoffman and Streep match wits is exhilarating.”