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The ABCs of Babies

Posted May 13, 2010 to photo album "The ABCs of Babies"

Babies may be universal, but the way that society and culture has viewed the little darlings has changed through history.

Slide 1: A is For Awesome
Slide 2: B is for Babies
Slide 3: C is for Confusion
Slide 4: D is for Damned
Slide 5: D is for Discipline
Slide 6: F is for Faith
Slide 7: G is for God
Slide 8: I is for Infanticide
Slide 9: J is for Jail
Slide 10: O is for Organism
Slide 11: E is for Environment
Slide 12: M is for Milk
Slide 13: N is for Nursing
Slide 14: P is for Philosophical
Slide 15: R is for Remarkable
Slide 16: S is for Software
Slide 17: V is for Values
Slide 18: W is for Writer
Slide 11: E is for Environment

Slide 11: E is for Environment

Some researchers (and members of the “co-sleeping” movement) believe that infants should sleep with their parents—as nature intended—and that the only danger of smothering an infant occurs when parents pass out in bed from drink or drugs. “Given the human infant’s evolutionary past, where even brief separations from the parent could mean certain death, we need to reconsider why infants protest sleep isolation and reinterpret its meaning,” write Wenda R. Trevathan and James J. McKenna in their article “Evolutionary Environments of Human Birth and Infancy.” “An evolutionary perspective forces us to ask: To what extent do we push some fragile infants to their adaptive limits and beyond? To what extent have our non-conscious cultural ideologies limited developmental research to questions aimed at confirming who we ‘want’ infants to be, rather than to questions aimed at discovering who infants really are?”