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Cinemas of Rome

Posted August 24, 2010 to photo album "Cinemas of Rome"

Italians not only dress in style, but also go to stylish cinemas in Rome. Here are a few.

Slide 1: Cinemas of Rome
Slide 2: Cinema Barberini
Slide 3: Cinema dei Piccoli
Slide 4: Cinema Fiamma
Slide 5: Cinema Metropolitan
Slide 6: Cinema Moulin Rouge
Slide 7: Cinema Nuovo Olimpia
Slide 8: Cinema Teatro Maestoso
Slide 9: Salone Margherita
Slide 10: Spazio Etoile
Slide 10: Spazio Etoile

Slide 10: Spazio Etoile

Like many cinemas in Rome, the Spazio Etoile has been through many incarnations, not to mention names. Although its location was blessed with having a cinematic origin. The theater’s original location, the Lux et Umbra, housed the original screening of the Lumiere brothers’ films in 1900. The original theater, known as Cinema Teatro Corso, was built in 1919 and designed by the Marcello Piacentini, the celebrated Italian architect who spearheaded a simplified neoclassicism. Over time the theater’s name changed to Etoile Cine before it eventually closed in 1999. In 2007, the locale was reopened and renamed Spazio Etoile, which became a facility for special events rather than movie going, It did, however, host amfAR's Inaugural Cinema Against AIDS Rome in 2007.