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Sin Nombre's Terrifying Political Reality

Posted March 27, 2009 to photo album "Sin Nombre's Terrifying Political Reality"

Slide 1: The world of Sin Nombre
Slide 2: The State of Mexico
Slide 3: Between the USA and Central America
Slide 4: The Border Issue
Slide 5: "A very big monster"
Slide 6: Fighting Back
Slide 7: No Place to Go
Slide 8: The Fate of the Poor
Slide 9: A History of Poverty
Slide 10: A History of Violence
Slide 11: Honduras and Others
Slide 12: Gang Violence
Slide 13: More Gang Violence
Slide 14: A Cycle of Violence
Slide 15: Empty Mexican Towns
Slide 16: What Their Eyes Have Seen
Slide 10: A History of Violence

Slide 10: A History of Violence

The CIA-backed Contras used many different types for moving supplies and fighters around different countries in Central America, but also for flights into Nicaragua. This photograph is showing a busy scene from Aguacate airfield, in Honduras, in 1983. (Photo: U.S. State Dept.)

In the 1980s, Honduras became a staging area for the Reagan administration's illegal covert wars against Central American leftists. The one-time banana republic became known as the U.S.S. Honduras.

Through it all, the people suffered. Any attempt by the Honduran people to challenge their powers that be was quashed, often brutally and often with U.S. acquiescence. In the most infamous incident, about 30 nuns and women of faith who fled El Salvador to Honduras following the assassination of Archbishop Óscar Romero, were captured by the DNI, the CIA-supported Honduran secret police, tortured and then thrown out of helicopters to their death.