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Full Metal Cuirass, And Other War Gear From The Eagle

Posted January 31, 2011 to photo album "Full Metal Cuirass, And Other War Gear From The Eagle"

In creating the world of The Eagle, the costume and production designers paid attention to every little detail, from masks to make up.

Full Metal Cuirass
The Meaning Of Armor
Suiting Up Roman Horses
Roman Helmets
Shields And Swords
The Masks Of Gladiators
Traveling Clothes
Running With Teeth And Bone
The World Of the Seal People
Seal People Rites and Rankings
Seal People Masks
Horned-Eagle Man
Shields And Swords

Shields And Swords

While creating the artifacts of the Seal People was often a leap of historical imagination, production designers poured through a wealth of information on the Roman military, much of it housed in the British Museum. For the military hardware, Carlin explains, “our shields were an amalgamation of different designs.” The shields bore different emblems to signify a number of meanings. For example, a branch, Carlin explains, “represents victory or success.” The production team kept close to traditional swords in arming their cast: “The infantry Gladius (short sword) was a fairly standard size but differed in quality and decoration depending on the rank and wealth of the bearer. The cavalry (Vallettes) carried a longer sword.”