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Full Metal Cuirass, And Other War Gear From The Eagle

Posted January 31, 2011 to photo album "Full Metal Cuirass, And Other War Gear From The Eagle"

In creating the world of The Eagle, the costume and production designers paid attention to every little detail, from masks to make up.

Full Metal Cuirass
The Meaning Of Armor
Suiting Up Roman Horses
Roman Helmets
Shields And Swords
The Masks Of Gladiators
Traveling Clothes
Running With Teeth And Bone
The World Of the Seal People
Seal People Rites and Rankings
Seal People Masks
Horned-Eagle Man
Seal People Rites and Rankings

Seal People Rites and Rankings

Unlike the Romans, whose army was divided by rigid rank and class distinctions, the Seal People maintained a simple tribal organization. For production designer Michael Carlin, “prop-wise, the seal people have a very simple hierarchy with very little to differentiate between them with the Seal Chief and Prince being the only exception.” In addition, there were a series of rituals and rites imagined for the Seal warriors. “Young warrior men shaved there head on the night of the spears,” explains costume designer Michael O’Connor, “and then wore headpieces on coming of age. In terms of costumes, “Men wear seal skin and short kilt type skirts and high waterproof boots for fishing in the shallows, the seal chief wears a long seal cape. Women wear more woven hemp type fabric and high-ranking women have grass headdresses.