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Ben Stiller

Posted March 18, 2010 to photo album "Ben Stiller"

Ben Stiller is an Emmy award-winning actor, writer, director, and producer.

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Saturday Night Live and the Days that Followed

Saturday Night Live and the Days that Followed

While Ben Stiller appeared in any number of productions –– be they Super-8 home movies, local theater or TV cameos –– when he was a little boy, he got his first national notice on “Saturday Night Live.” But unlike other cast members, who excelled at live sketch comedy, Stiller was picked up on the strength of “The Hustler of Money”, a short parody of the Tom Cruise/Paul Newman film The Color of Money. In Stiller’s take, the classic pool shark is turned into a slick hustler in a bowling alley. Stiller only lasted one season on SNL before striking out on his own.