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Movie City | San Francisco

Posted June 02, 2010 to photo album "Movie City | San Francisco"

San Francisco | City of Cinema
San Francisco | City By the Bay
San Francisco | Milk's Metropolis
San Francisco | LGBT City
San Francisco | City of Festivals
San Francisco | City of Tourism
San Francisco | LGBT City

San Francisco | LGBT City

Harvey Milk’s rise to prominence in San Francisco in the 1970s coincided with the city becoming a center for young LGBT people. Milk became a natural spokesperson for the community, first as a community activist based out of his camera store in the Castro, and then as an elected supervisor working out of city hall. In Why Is San Francisco So Gay?, In These Times editor Joel Bleifuss examines San Francisco’s status as a gay mecca, while Joshua Gamson provides further in-depth historical perspective on Milk’s backstory by examining the role that significance of music to the nascent Bay Area gay culture in Milk Marched to a Disco Beat. For a further trip into the city’s cultural history, you can download the podcast Out of the Bars and into the Streets, an audio walking tour of Harvey Milk’s Castro which features interviews with many of his friends and colleagues.