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Movie City | San Francisco

Posted June 02, 2010 to photo album "Movie City | San Francisco"

San Francisco | City of Cinema
San Francisco | City By the Bay
San Francisco | Milk's Metropolis
San Francisco | LGBT City
San Francisco | City of Festivals
San Francisco | City of Tourism
San Francisco | City of Festivals

San Francisco | City of Festivals

In addition to being a much-filmed location, San Francisco is also one of the very best places for a cinephile to live. It has an abundance of movie theaters, and while repertory houses are on the wane the city makes up for it with an abundance of film festivals. The San Francisco International Film Festival, a marathon compendium of the best world cinema from the past 12 months, provides a great overview of the film landscape in general, however the smaller festivals are equally well worth visiting time. A city with a diverse population, San Francisco accordingly has numerous film fests representing these communities, from the Asian American and Irish Film Festivals to Tranny Fest, the Transgender Film Festival, and Frameline, the San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, from Madcat Women’s Film Festival to the American Indian Film Festival, and many more besides. Recently, the Noir City and Silent Film Festivals – both housed at the recently rehabilitated Castro Theatre – have also drawn a lot of praise.