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Movie City | Rome, Italy

Posted August 24, 2010 to photo album "Movie City | Rome, Italy"

To mark the forthcoming release of The American, which was partly shot in Rome, the latest series of Movie City articles focuses on the myriad movie moments to be had in the Italian capital.

Rome | The Eternal City
Rome | City of Movies
Rome | Studio City
Rome | City of Movie Theaters
Rome | Film Festival City
Rome | Film Festival City

Rome | Film Festival City

In Italy, the great film festival city has always been Venice, which hosts one of the four major global film fests. However, the Italian capital added its own big-scale event (previously, it was only home to the sci-fi centric Fantafestival…) when the Rome International Film Festival was founded in 2006. Right from the start, the festival attracted big stars and blockbuster movies, with The Departed playing at the inaugural edition with director Martin Scorsese and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Vera Farmiga in attendance. The president of the jury for the 2010 edition will be Cinema Paradiso’s director Giuseppe Tornatore.