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Movie City | Rome, Italy

Posted August 24, 2010 to photo album "Movie City | Rome, Italy"

To mark the forthcoming release of The American, which was partly shot in Rome, the latest series of Movie City articles focuses on the myriad movie moments to be had in the Italian capital.

Rome | The Eternal City
Rome | City of Movies
Rome | Studio City
Rome | City of Movie Theaters
Rome | Film Festival City
Rome | City of Movies

Rome | City of Movies

With its piazzas and palazzos, the Colosseum and the Forum, Vatican City and the Pantheon, Rome is one of the most beautiful and visually striking cities in the world, and naturally a location that has incredible appeal for filmmakers. Over the years, it has been shown in the grip of war (Open City) and of poverty (The Bicycle Thief), has been framed as an exotic vacation city (Roman Holiday) and a place seen through the eyes of jaded locals (Dear Diary). In When in Rome: Movies from the Italian Capital, Nick Dawson examines how the way the Italian capital has been depicted on screen has shifted over the course of movie history.