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Hanna's Spree Park and Other Haunted Amusement Parks

Posted March 24, 2011 to photo album "Hanna's Spree Park and Other Haunted Amusement Parks"

Germany’s surreal Spree Park gets a cameo in Hanna. But it’s just one of dozens abandoned amusement parks that people still visit.

Spree Park (Berlin, Germany)
Six Flags (New Orleans, LA)
The Prehistoric Forest (Irish Hills, MI)
The Rocky Point Amusement Park (Warwick, RI)
Dogpatch USA (Marble Falls, AR)
Glen Echo Amusement Park (Glen Echo, MD)
Katoli World (Taichung, Taiwan)
Prypiat Amusement Park (Prypiat, Ukraine)
Takakanonuma Greenland Park (Hobara, Japan)
Prypiat Amusement Park (Prypiat, Ukraine)

Prypiat Amusement Park (Prypiat, Ukraine)

It’s hard to imagine a worse scenario. The Pripyat amusement park, which was to be the pride of this part of the Ukraine, was all set to open on April 27, 1986, just in time for May Day celebrations. Unfortunately on April 26, the near-by Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant melted down, causing mass evacuations in the town of Pripyat and the neighboring areas of the Ukraine.  Never opened, the park, with its rusting rides, including the massive Ferris wheel, stands as a mute reminder of that horrible catastrophe.