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Movie City | Portland

Posted March 24, 2010 to photo album "Movie City | Portland"

Portland | A Place of Inspiration
Portland | City on the Edge
Portland | City of Cinemas
Portland | Land of the Free
Portland | City of Bands
Portland | City in Film
Portland | City of Hope
Portland | Land of the Free

Portland | Land of the Free

Free speech and free spirits have helped develop Portland’s civic spirit. Free Speech rulings have guaranteed Portland fiercely standing up for first amendment rights, a consequence being that the town has more strip clubs (like its oldest venue, Mary’s) per capita than either San Francisco or Las Vegas. But it’s also provided writers and artists the space to create. Author Jon Raymond, profiled in “Jon Raymond's Portland,” acknowledges the city’s open spirit: “the different disciplines are not Balkanized like they are in New York and LA. There is not a huge social difference between musicians, and writers and artists and others.”