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Movie City | Portland

Posted March 24, 2010 to photo album "Movie City | Portland"

Portland | A Place of Inspiration
Portland | City on the Edge
Portland | City of Cinemas
Portland | Land of the Free
Portland | City of Bands
Portland | City in Film
Portland | City of Hope
Portland | City in Film

Portland | City in Film

Portland has been appearing in films since Raymond Wells made the nature silent In the Land of the Setting Sun in 1919. After disappearing for decades, the city started making guest appearances in work like Five Easy Pieces and First Love (shot on the campus of Reed College). Other famous Portland films include Body of Evidence and Mr. Holland’s Opus. With the advent of filmmakers living in Portland, the city has been showing up more and more, especially in many of Gus Van Sant films, like Elephant and Paranoid Park (shown here). Most recently, the town and its surrounding areas have been the backdrop to the Twilight movies.