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Joe Wright’s Five Films Behind Hanna

Posted April 11, 2011 to photo album "Joe Wright’s Five Films Behind Hanna"

Director Joe Wright recounts five very different films that helped him in creating Hanna.

Five Films Behind Hanna
Being There
Blue Velvet


The film Pickpocket by Robert Bresson was a big influence in the simplicity and elegance of shooting action sequences. There is a scene where three pickpockets are working a train station. There is no fighting, but there is amazing, beautiful piece of choreography, where one character moves to another character. And you follow the wallet from one pickpocket to another pickpocket––how they pass it through the station. It is very economically told. Not fast cutty. It was very clear as well and that is something that I wanted to try and achieve. These actors were doing these amazing things that I thought should be seen rather than being hidden by a barrage of edits. I was interested when approaching the film in the idea that action was necessarily about fighting. Action was everything the actors did other than speaking. Action was the organization of figures in space.  Choreography, dance, is the same. I tried to develop a form of filmmaking that didn’t differentiate between fighting and physical being.