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Movie City | Park City

Posted March 23, 2010 to photo album "Movie City | Park City"

Park City | Festival Town
Park City | Mountain Village
Park City | A Special Area
Park City | Skiing Destination
Park City | Sundance's Home
Park City | Filmmakers Welcome
Park City | Village of Memories
Park City | Village of Memories

Park City | Village of Memories

Despite the fact that people who come to the Sundance Film Festival end up sitting in dark, usually chilly theaters, the town outside those city walls remains spectacular. Indeed for many people, like journalist Ray Pride, Sundance is two festivals. One is the list of films one sees during one’s stay, and the other is a collection of moments that includes breathtaking sunsets, whimsical moments, and strange collisions between town and festival. Ray Pride put his moments into an album—“Ray Pride’s Park City.”