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Movie City | Park City

Posted March 23, 2010 to photo album "Movie City | Park City"

Park City | Festival Town
Park City | Mountain Village
Park City | A Special Area
Park City | Skiing Destination
Park City | Sundance's Home
Park City | Filmmakers Welcome
Park City | Village of Memories
Park City | Filmmakers Welcome

Park City | Filmmakers Welcome

For Focus, Sundance provides the opportunity to connect with the independent film community, see new talent, and premiere new Focus movies. To get a survey of Focus’ involvement with Park City and the Sundance Film Festival, check out “Focus at Sundance.” To the left is snap of Greta Gerwig in Park City before making Greenberg. Also see what was new this year at Sundance with Scott Macaulay’s on-the-snowy-street coverage at “Sundance 2010: Dispatch #1” and “Sundance 2010 Wrap-Up.”