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The Romantic Locations of One Day

Posted June 23, 2011 to photo album "The Romantic Locations of One Day"

From Scotland to Northern France, One Day’s 20-year saga visits some stunning locations.

Edinburgh: Arthur's Seat
Paris: Café le Neamours
France: The Landscape of Brittany
France: Dinard
Paris: 11th Arrondissement
Paris: Canal St. Martin
London: Floridita / Metza
London: Hampstead Heath Lido
London: The Lady Chapel in Westminster Cathedral
London: Rio Cinema
Paris: Café le Neamours

Paris: Café le Neamours

When Dexter meets his mother (Patricia Clarkson) in Paris, they rendezvous at Café le Neamours, a classic cafe off the Palais Royale. It’s a perfect spot for them –– or anyone –– to meet. The elegant establishment, amid many of Paris’ best-known cultural landmarks, holds its own. In fact, National Public Radio correspondent Susan Stamberg bragged that Nemours had Paris’ best croque-monsieur (that tasty toasted cheese and ham sandwich that is ubiquitous in French cafes). Just a short walk from the Louvre and the Jardin des Tuileries, Café le Neamours is best known as a haunt of actors who wander over from the neighboring Comédie-Française. This institution, founded in 1680 by the decree of Louis XIV, has remained Paris' most important theater, showcasing the works of Frances greatest playwrights, like Molière, Racine and Corneille.