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Canine Stars: From Rover to Cosmo

Posted May 04, 2011 to photo album "Canine Stars: From Rover to Cosmo"

Starting in 1905 when Rover rescued a baby, dogs have been cinema’s unsung heroes. We look at some of the finest.

Cosmo (Arthur)
Blair (Rover)
Etzel von Oeringen (Strongheart)
Rin Tin Tin (Various Roles)
Skippy (Asta)
Pal (Lassie)
Pal (Petey)
Terry (Toto)
Spike (Old Yeller)
Buddy/Air Bud
Moose (Eddie)
Moose (Eddie)

Moose (Eddie)

The Jack Russell named Moose would won the hearts of TV viewers as the lovable scamp Eddie on the sitcom "Fraiser". Born in 1990 in Florida, Moose was the youngest of his litter. As a pup he proved incorrigible when it came to digging holes, barking and creating general mayhem. At 2 ½ years old, he was shipped off by his owners to trainer Mathilde de Cagny (the woman who also trained Cosmo in Beginners). De Cagny said of the pooch, ““Moose had a great disposition for training.  He loved it right away... it calmed him down a little.  It’s as if all of a sudden he had a purpose in his life.  You can see in his eyes that he’s very sharp.  He’s also very curious and is always moving around.” Under her guidance, Moose blossomed, becoming the star people remember. During Fraiser’s popularity, letters to Eddie rivaled those of his co-stars. Even the show stars Kelsey Grammer acknowledged Moose’s importance by saying ““Most important, Moose, this is for you,” when accepting the show’s 1994 Emmy. He stayed on “Fraiser” for 10 years, retiring finally in 2003. In 2006, Moose died at the age of 16.