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Noah Baumbach

Posted March 18, 2010 to photo album "Noah Baumbach"

Noah Baumbach is an Academy Award-nominated writer and director of the films Kicking and Screaming, Margot at the Wedding, and The Squid and the Whale.

Life Into Art
Family is Filmic
A Writer At Heart
Mixing Friendship and Filmmaking
A Funny Sense of Humor
Plays Well With Others
A Marriage of Minds
A Novel Approach
Mixing Friendship and Filmmaking

Mixing Friendship and Filmmaking

At 26, Baumbach saw his first feature, Kicking and Screaming accepted by the New York Film Festival. The story about a quartet of college graduates with no idea what to do next spoke to and about Baumbach’s generation. The film also included Baumbach’s friends Chris Eigeman and Eric Stolz in major roles. At the NY Film Festival press conference, Baumbach joked about the title and his form of filmmaking when he commented, "I've always loved movies like Blow Up that have really exciting action titles but that are about slow-moving people." Baumbach's career however started moving fast, especially after Newsweek named him one of the "Ten New Faces of 1996."