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People in Film | Mark Strong

Posted November 10, 2011 to photo album "People in Film | Mark Strong"

A man of many faces and characters, be they supervillains or literary heroes, Mark Strong makes each one uniquely his own.

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Mark Strong | Many Faces, One Heart

Mark Strong | Many Faces, One Heart


The skills that make Mark Strong such a fearful onscreen nemesis are also what make him such a powerful performer. Strong told FirstShowing, “As an actor,....[y]ou want to be playing things that are as far removed from yourself as possible so that you can have the challenge of exploring those characters." When Strong took on the role of Sinestro in GREEN LANTERN, he relished even the digital and makeup transformation required for the character. He told the Los Angeles Times, “I loved coming in for makeup tests and working with the prosthetics and coming up with this really fantastic look that is true to the comics…The accumulation of props, accents, costume, setting, all of it, helps you transform yourself with a level of commitment that is very exciting. It’s very welcome.” But underneath all of that, Strong finds the emotional core that makes the character both strange and familiar. When THE EAGLE director Kevin Macdonald looked to cast the character of Guern, a Roman soldier in Ancient Britain who abandoned the army to live with the locals, he looked to Strong to make a long-ago, far-away character both real and immediate. As Macdonald notes, "Mark Strong is an actor I have always admired. He often plays villainous characters but I recognised a sensitivity in him.”