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People in Film | Mark Strong

Posted November 10, 2011 to photo album "People in Film | Mark Strong"

A man of many faces and characters, be they supervillains or literary heroes, Mark Strong makes each one uniquely his own.

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Mark Strong | A Familiar Face on the Telly
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Mark Strong | A Familiar Face on the Telly

Mark Strong | A Familiar Face on the Telly

Mark Strong in ITV's “Emma”

Before showing up in feature films, Mark Strong was a featured player in British television. In fact, he found his acting style perfectly fitted for the screen. As he later told The Guardian, “the first time I was in front of a camera I wasn't self-conscious because I didn't really know what I was doing. I played the Porsche-driving boyfriend in a series called “After Henry”....I got out of a car, walked up to a house and got chucked. I played the scene as if I was in the theatre, without artifice.” After appearing in a number of British TV shows, like “Inspector Morse”, “The Buddha of Suburbia”, and “Prime Suspect”, Strong broke out in the BBC series “Our Friends In The North,” in which he played a young man who goes from failed ‘60s rocker to flourishing businessman. Strong later described the role to The Independent: “There's a kind of simpleness about him but that doesn't mean he's stupid,…and a kind of hardness but that doesn't mean he's not vulnerable. He's just someone who's working his bollocks off to do something and get somewhere despite all the limitations holding him in." Subsequently, Strong was cast in several dramatizations of great literary works, including ITV’s 1996 adaptation of EMMA, in which he plays the dashing Mr. Knightley, and the 2000 TV version of ANNA KARENINA, in which he appeared in the role of Oblonsky.