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People in Film | Mélanie Laurent

Posted April 28, 2011 to photo album "People in Film | Mélanie Laurent"

The multi-talented French actress from film to song.

Mélanie Laurent | A Natural Beginner
Mélanie Laurent | In the Beginning…
Mélanie Laurent | Inglourious Glory
Mélanie Laurent | Acting is Only the Beginning
Mélanie Laurent | A Natural Beginner

© Photo by Andrew Tepper

Mélanie Laurent | A Natural Beginner

Mike Mills, the writer-director of Beginners, had not envisioned the role of Anna––the quirky, unconventional love interest of Ewan McGregor's Oliver––being played by a French actress. However, Mills asked Mélanie Laurent to audition for the part––and subsequently rewrote the role, tailoring it to her. “Mike Mills saw a clip of a performance that I made on YouTube, and sent me a script which is like a mix of Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry,” Laurent told Kaleem Aftab in an interview in The Independent. “He asked me to send an audition tape ...Because I'm crazy and I didn't want to just say my lines, I made a short film in which a dog talks and contained all the lines and did a voice over. Mike Mills called me and said, 'You just made my movie.' Two weeks after that I was in Los Angeles with Ewan McGregor.”