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Movie City | Los Angeles

Posted April 16, 2010 to photo album "Movie City | Los Angeles"

Los Angeles may be the entertainment capital of the world, but it’s also entertaining all by itself.

Los Angeles | City of Dreams
Los Angeles | City in Southern California
Los Angeles | City of History
Los Angeles | City of Industry
Los Angles | City of Screenings
Los Angeles | City in the Movies
Los Angeles | City in Real Life
Los Angeles | City of Industry

Los Angeles | City of Industry

With one of every six of its inhabitants working in some aspect of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles has rightly been dubbed the creative capital of the world. Movies, television, popular music, art, and the like are created in the city’s sound stages, studios, and office buildings. While the financial structure that once governed production at Hollywood’s famous studios (Warner Bros., MGM, Universal, etc.) has changed, the creative spirit producing that work hasn’t. After making such creative work, Hollywood is the first to slap itself on the back for it. In “L.A. Awards Show Primer,” we review the parade of praise that marches through tinseltown every winter. “Focus at the Academy Awards (and Spirits too)” showcases Focus Features’ own adventures with award shows. And to understand recent changes in the arithmetic of awards look at Scott Macaulay’s “Demystifing The New Oscar Voting System.”