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People in Film | Lone Scherfig

Posted May 18, 2011 to photo album "People in Film | Lone Scherfig"

The Danish-born director of One Day has proven herself to be an international talent in dealing with actors and locations.

Lone Scherfig | The Number One Choice
Lone Scherfig | More than Beginners’ Luck
Lone Scherfig | An Honorary Scot
Lone Scherfig | Always Educational
Lone Scherfig | More than Beginners’ Luck

Lone Scherfig | More than Beginners’ Luck

Copenhagen-born Scherfig worked predominantly in television for 15 years before announcing herself on the world stage in 2000 with Italian for Beginners, the first Dogma '95 movie made by a woman. Though the movie conformed to Dogma's strict budgetary constraints and Spartan aesthetic guidelines––conceived by Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg to create spare, hard-to-watch movies––Italian for Beginners broke the mold by still managing to be a crowd-pleasing romantic comedy. Paradoxically, Dogma’s limitations freed her up and allowed her to have fun making the film. Looking back, she told Greenzine, “I had this dream: We'll have a very good time. If the film is complete trash, at least we'll have a very good time. We changed the script constantly. I wrote almost every day and every night. It's a very lively process and when you see the film, you can tell that it's not a very stiff film. You see people enjoying themselves.”