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Noah Baumbach

Posted March 11, 2010 to photo album "Noah Baumbach"

Noah Baumbach is an Academy Award-nominated writer and director of the films Kicking and Screaming, Margot at the Wedding, and The Squid and the Whale.

Life Into Art
Family is Filmic
A Writer At Heart
Mixing Friendship and Filmmaking
A Funny Sense of Humor
Plays Well With Others
A Marriage of Minds
A Novel Approach
Life Into Art

Life Into Art

While none of writer-director Noah Baumbach’s work is strictly autobiographical, his films nevertheless speak to the worlds and communities he knows and has lived in. "I always viewed life as material for a movie," he once said. In Greenberg, the title character (played by Ben Stiller) is a New Yorker who has taken up residence in Los Angeles, a circumstance he shares with his creator. Indeed part of Baumbach's inspiration for the movie was his recent move there: "Why I wanted to do it in Los Angeles is that I wanted to shoot LA as a real city, a city I've come to know and have real affection for."