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Josh Hutcherson

Posted April 15, 2010 to photo album "Josh Hutcherson"

Josh Hutcherson: This Kid is All Right
Josh Finds An Agent
Josh Finds His Voice
Josh Finds Strange, New Worlds
Josh Finds His Way
Josh Finds Strange, New Worlds

Josh Finds Strange, New Worlds

After working as voice talent, Hutcherson started up on a series of action films that definitely used both his body and voice. In 2006, he showed up in Zathura, Jon Favreau’s adaption of Chris Van Allsburg’s children’s adventure story about a board game that shoots its players into an outer-space adventure. In 2007, he starred in Bridge to Terabithia, an adaption of Katherine Paterson’s classic of children’s fiction. Playing a fragile young boy who lives his emotional life in the drawings he makes, Hutcherson got to show both his action chops and emotional range here. In the effects-laden adventure yarn Journey to the Center of the Earth (adapted from Jules Verne’s sci-fi classic), Hutcherson plays the nephew of Brendan Fraser, a science professor out to prove his much ridiculed theory about what exists inside our planet.