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Josh Hutcherson

Posted April 15, 2010 to photo album "Josh Hutcherson"

Josh Hutcherson: This Kid is All Right
Josh Finds An Agent
Josh Finds His Voice
Josh Finds Strange, New Worlds
Josh Finds His Way
Josh Finds His Way

Josh Finds His Way

Even though Hutcherson has carved out a solid Hollywood career in the last 8 years, he keeps his home in Kentucky and his head in his craft. In recent films, like The Kids Are All Right, Paul Weitz’s The Vampire’s Assistant, and the upcoming remake of the cult 80s communist-paranoia film Red Dawn, Hutcherson has moved beyond child actor to being a young adult with complex emotions and reactions. To do that he has had to grow as an actor. He recently told MovieLine’s The Verge:

When I was ten, I was definitely more near-sighted — that’s for sure. I would think about my character and my lines, and that was it. Now, though, I really get into it. I break down every line, I break down every beat that my character has throughout the scene, and I figure out how I play into the big picture. It’s not just my character — how do my scenes affect the other characters and the whole storyline?