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Josh Hutcherson

Posted April 15, 2010 to photo album "Josh Hutcherson"

Josh Hutcherson: This Kid is All Right
Josh Finds An Agent
Josh Finds His Voice
Josh Finds Strange, New Worlds
Josh Finds His Way
Josh Finds His Voice

Josh Finds His Voice

Starting with parts on TV sitcoms, Hutcherson soon landed roles in several major motion pictures, albeit not in the usual way. Two of his first big film roles were as voice talent for animated characters. For Robert Zemeckis’ motion-capture animated film The Polar Express, Hutcherson spoke the part of one of the “Hero Boys.” In the English version of Hayao Miyazaki’s animated epic Howl’s Moving Castle, he voiced the character of Markl, the wizard Howl’s assistant. While there was no action, animated films proved to be fatiguing. He told Mark Sells of the Oregon Herald that for Howl’s Moving Castle, “I was only in L.A. for a day so we had to record an entire movie in one day. There was quite a bit of dialogue and I did all in about 8 hours...I could barely talk afterwards. Plus I had to make my words match another language mouth movements so it was tricky.”