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Josh Hutcherson

Posted April 15, 2010 to photo album "Josh Hutcherson"

Josh Hutcherson: This Kid is All Right
Josh Finds An Agent
Josh Finds His Voice
Josh Finds Strange, New Worlds
Josh Finds His Way
Josh Finds An Agent

Josh Finds An Agent

While born and raised in Union, KY, Hutcherson instinctively knew that he wanted to become an actor. His determination can be seen on his face in 2004, just 2 years into his acting career. While Union is a far cry from Hollywood, Hutcherson found a way to get there. He explained to MoviesOnline.com:

I had to beg and beg my parents. I started begging them to let me be in movies since I was three or four. They always said no and said, ‘why don’t you play sports or why don’t you do something else,’ because being from Kentucky you always hear about the negative stuff about being a young actor. Not that I’d ever get that far, but still that was always in the back of their head and finally when I was nine, they let me get a local agency from the yellow pages believe it or not. I met with them and met an acting coach. I still haven’t done one acting lesson in my entire life, but I went to this acting coach to see what it was like and he said we should go to California for the big stuff. I was so excited and my parents were like, ‘oh he’s going to make us go, isn’t he?’ I begged and begged and begged and they finally took me out there and let me try it for one pilot season. In that pilot season, I got a pilot, a lead in a TV movie and it just kind of took off from there.