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People in Film | Joe Wright

Posted March 09, 2011 to photo album "People in Film | Joe Wright"

Hanna’s director may have grown up in a puppet theater, but with each film, he proves that all the world’s a stage, he’s the puppet master.

Joe Wright | All the Stage, A World
Joe Wright | A Magic Kingdom of the Imagination
Joe Wright | All the World A Stage
Joe Wright | Pride & Prejudice And Puppets
Joe Wright | Making Images of Words
Joe Wright | Taking Fairy Tales Seriously
Joe Wright | All the World A Stage

Joe Wright | All the World A Stage

Moving from puppets, to acting, to light shows to filmmaking was for Wright part of the evolution of theater. He recounted to Directors UK how he started doing television after getting a call from Catherine Lowering at the BBC: ‘“Have you ever thought about doing television?’, and I said, “No, I haven’t”. She gave me a script to read, which was called Nature Boy, and that was that really.” The BBC miniseries “Nature Boy” was about a 17 year in the foster care who decides to take off on his own, Wright followed that up by working on the dramedy “Bodily Harm” with Timothy Spall. In 2003, he moved into period with his miniseries “Charles II: The Power and The Passion” (with Rufus Sewell playing the indolent king). The show got plenty of critical attention winning the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Serial in 2004.