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Drawn to Action: Graphic Artists Interpret Hanna

Posted April 19, 2011 to photo album "Drawn to Action: Graphic Artists Interpret Hanna"

Hanna wasn't adapted from a graphic novel, but its non-stop action and striking visuals make it feel like it was. We asked three graphic artists to retro-adapt the film to page.

The Visually Graphic Hanna
Jock: Hanna in the Snow
Jock: The Container Park
Jock: Erik
Aaron Minier:
Alan Brooks: Cate Blanchett
Jock: Erik

Jock: Erik

Finally Jock turned to the character of Erik (captured on film by Eric Bana). “The Erik image was again inspired by a sequence in the movie, an amazing one-take shot of him being hunted down by agents in a subway. I wanted a feeling of claustrophobia and threat, but also that Erik is aware and ready. The oranges reflect the location in which  the brawl takes place.”