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People in Film | Jim Sturgess

Posted May 04, 2011 to photo album "People in Film | Jim Sturgess"

From the Beatles to Black Jack to beloved book character, Jim Sturgess has left a mark in whatever film he’s been in.

Jim Sturgess | Taking One Day at a Time
Jim Sturgess | Universal Appeal
Jim Sturgess | Going for Broke
Jim Sturgess | Musically Minded
Jim Sturgess | Universal Appeal

Jim Sturgess | Universal Appeal

Sturgess spent a number of years as a struggling actor in his native England before being discovered by Julie Taymor, who cast him as the male lead, Jude, in her Beatles musical Across the Universe. The movie launched Sturgess' career, and his star quality was immediately apparent. “With his artful shag, Liverpudlian accent and high, sweet, grainy singing voice, Mr. Sturgess...is unmistakably Beatlesesque,” the New York Times said of him. “[He] manages the neat trick of giving Jude an almost dewy hopefulness while conveying the rough-edged realism of a kid to whom life has not been particularly kind. ...And while Mr. Sturgess is currently an unknown, he won't be for long.” They were not wrong. On the back of his striking performance as Jude, Sturgess was cast opposite Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson in the costume drama The Other Boleyn Girl and shared the screen with Harrison Ford and Ashley Judd in the immigration thriller Crossing Over.