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People in Film | Jim Sturgess

Posted May 04, 2011 to photo album "People in Film | Jim Sturgess"

From the Beatles to Black Jack to beloved book character, Jim Sturgess has left a mark in whatever film he’s been in.

Jim Sturgess | Taking One Day at a Time
Jim Sturgess | Universal Appeal
Jim Sturgess | Going for Broke
Jim Sturgess | Musically Minded
Jim Sturgess | Going for Broke

Jim Sturgess | Going for Broke

Like the character he played in his second major movie, 21––about a brilliant young math student who takes on the Las Vegas casinos as part of a blackjack team––Jim Sturgess is not afraid of taking extreme gambles. As an actor, he is seemingly drawn to roles that demand something beyond the ordinary. He played the fearless IRA terrorist-turned-informant Martin McGartland in the acclaimed Fifty Dead Men Walking, based on McGartland's own memoir. In Philip Ridley's dark thriller Heartless, he dove into the part of the disturbed, disfigured photographer Jamie Morgan, who makes a literal deal with the devil in order to life the live he's always dreamed of. And he braved freezing cold mountain ranges and hot, parched deserts as Janusz, one of the brave work camp escapees who trek thousands of miles in Peter Weir's epic The Way Back (which also features Hanna’s Saoirse Ronan). “Acting is a totally different buzz,” Sturgess told Vogue. “Think about it: I've played an immigrant. I've learned to cheat at cards. I've learned how to build bombs in Belfast. It's a way you can live your life to the absolute fullest.”