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Jane Eyre, Superstar: From Brontë to Fukunaga

Posted February 17, 2011 to photo album "Jane Eyre, Superstar: From Brontë to Fukunaga"

Since Charlotte Brontë brought her heroine to life in 1847, everyone––filmmakers, artists, playwrights, cartoonists––have wanted to recreate her in their own imagination.

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Jane: A Story for Every Generation
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Jane: For Every Artist
Jane: For Every Imagination
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Jane: Everlasting
Jane: The Passion of the Fans

Jane: The Passion of the Fans

It is the passions of Jane Eyre that are the passion of her legions of fans—or at least many of them. “The Enthusiast’s Guide to Jane Eyre Adaptations” is a website managed by Charlene Cruz, an 26-year-old lab tech in Los Angeles. Cruz chronicles and reviews the multitude of Jane Eyres that have entertained audiences on film, stage and radio.

“Mr. Rochester's passionate love for Jane (and her love for him) is the sort of love and devotion that everyone wants in their life,” says Cruz, in an interview with Film In Focus. “Their love is intensely romantic- much more passionate than something like Pride and Prejudice which is a little placid. There is also a strong current of sexual tension that makes their love story feel more relevant to modern day readers as opposed to more old-fashioned stories of courtly love.”
On her website, Enthusiast Cruz the writes, “I do believe that if you just stick to the novel you can’t go wrong since it is an enduring and timeless story. However, most adaptations seem to re-interpret Jane Eyre with the present generation in mind, and so I usually must keep my sense of humour when watching each adaptation.”