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Mike Mills, Graphic Artist

Posted May 26, 2011 to photo album "Mike Mills, Graphic Artist"

Before becoming a feature filmmaker, writer/director Mike Mills honed his aesthetic sensibilities as a graphic artist, working on posters, album covers, skateboards, music videos, and TV commercials.

Beginners: Portrait of a Graphic Designer
X-Girl Graphics
Sonic Youth Washing Machine Album Cover
Beastie Boy T-shirt/Poster
Album Cover for Air’s Sexy Boy
Subliminal Skateboards
Human Posters
Undefeated Billboard Project
Human Posters

Human Posters

In 2006, Mike Mills launched the Humans project. “The Humans project imbeds highly personal themes into mass produced items such as posters, scarves, ribbons, fabric patterns, T-Shirts and bags. Humans operates in between the art world and popular culture, in between graphic design and an art practice. Recycled paper, non-bleached cotton, and soy-based inks are used.”