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Beyond The Known World: The Landscape Of The Eagle

Posted February 02, 2011 to photo album "Beyond The Known World: The Landscape Of The Eagle"

The Eagle showcases some of the most stunning landscapes to be found in Scotland. The following slideshow reveals where the areas actually exist.

Lochaber Area
Rannoch Moor near Glencoe
Near Applecross in the Wester Ross area of the North West Highlands
Inveruglas on the West Side of Loch Lomond
Inveruglas Looking Down onto Loch Lomond
Fox Point on the Coigach peninsula, looking to the Summers Isles
Inverpolly Area, near Loch Lurgainn in the Ross-shire area
Finnich Glen (Devils Pulpit)
Finnich Glen (Devils Pulpit)

Finnich Glen (Devils Pulpit)

The locale of the penultimate battle scene in The Eagle is located in a special area about 30 minutes from Glasgow near the village of Killearn. According to local lore, centuries before, the gorge served as a secret druidic meeting place. In 1998, the NVA Scottish arts organization played off the area’s reputation by staging a spooky performance piece in which audience members were transported to Finnich Glen (without them knowing where they were going) and guided on a nighttime walk with strange lights and eerie noises occurring all about them.